Snogging the pub landlord

It had to happen at some point.  Early Friday night drinks in the pub with other parents, the village fete, volunteering to look after the PTA Facebook page…… was inevitable I’d end up in the village play.  Especially with my background.

So here I am.  Six weeks into rehearsals and wondering what the heck possessed me.mask

As if I had any spare time anyway I have added this to my to-do list.  As well as having an actor husband flitting off left right and centre I have had to deal with my issues around getting a babysitter and employ a local 15-year-old so I can go to the majority of rehearsals.

Of course, the new blog has been neglected as well.

It’s not just the rehearsal time that has been tricky to manage, it’s also been the line learning.  It’s been 18 years since I had to learn lines, still, when I find the time, I do seem to still be ok with it.  And have I mentioned the snogging?  Oh yes.


Not just any snog either.  A wildly passionate BIG snog with an older gentleman who happens to be the pub landlord!

Needless to say, it hasn’t been (ahem) rehearsed yet.  I told him we had to wait until all the lines were learnt.  I have since found out he seems to be learning his lines much faster than he has done on previous occasions.  Eeek.

Having said all of this, I am having a pretty lovely time of it with all the rehearsing.  Going back to my old roots and being someone else — a great tonic after a rotten day at work.  There is a lot of giggling, some not so brilliant acting (which is fine by me….it’s an amateur production) and the boys don’t come out of this play with their dignity intact, which is a great bonus (and laugh).

So this play will probably be my introduction to the rest of the village that I haven’t met yet.  Should be interesting.  Will I be the acclaimed ex-professional actress that finally brough credibility to the village or will they all declare me a hussy (or the village vamp as one poor previous actress was labelled).

Can’t wait to find out.  Curtain up in January.  Snogs and all.


XX Bea