Shades of Grey

It’s taken a year but we are finally ready to consider painting our living room.

It’s currently painted in an antique ivory (I know this because I have bought a sample pot in this colour and it has disappeared on the wall) and with a feature wall and an old chimney breast in a very deep red.

However I have this cream sofa in the room

and these two armchairs at the other end of the room.

homebase armchair 1homebase armchair 2

and whilst Antique Ivory would go perfectly fine with the 2 armchairs, our cream/beige carpet and the cream sofa may just melt away if I paint the other end ivory.

So I’m thinking grey.  MrG is slightly distressed at the idea of grey so I’m going as light as I possibly can to keep him on side.

I love this grey

Grey wall 2

but I fear he’ll think it’s too dark.

This one might work.

grey wall 1

but I think this one goes too light.

grey wall 3

You may think I’m being very pedantic about this.  However, we have always gone white/ivory with our wall colours so this is really pushing it out.

I’m hoping to have a sort of oatmeal coloured curtains too and they sit alongside the two armchairs.

Of course, the biggest hurdle we have here is that I’m colourblind, so there is a distinct possibility I’m mashing up too many colours.

What do you think?  Do you like grey?


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