The Summer Harvest

This year was our first year of harvesting from our own vegetable and fruit plots.  

Overall it’s been a brilliant year for growing things and we will be planning our beds for next year with a few tweaks.  Here was the summary of half the crop. I’ll post the rest another day.

Carrots – in our raised beds and grown close together we had a lovely yield of little carrots and are still using them. Taken us from July to probably November by sowing them in 2/3 weekly batches.  Carrot Mokum.

Tomatoes – we grew a type called Gardeners Delight, but they weren’t as delightful as I’d hoped. They grew too big before ripening, but we did get a good crop and made pasta sauce and chutney from the remaining green ones. I grew these in our greenhouses and leftover plants in an outside bed that became free when the leeks failed to grow (Mr G was in charge of those).  The outside ones were a bit of a disaster, growing too late and not ripening.  The greenhouse tomatoes were watered and therefore tended fairly regularly but the outside ones were neglected and became very bush like. 

This is me digging over the courgette beds and the tomatoes are in the background.

I’ll pick another kind of tomato next year.

Whilst on the subject of courgettes, they did very well, but often rotted whilst still growing.  I need to google this a bit and find a solution but we harvested about 10 good courgettes in the end so very happy with that.  I haven’t decided whether to grown them again next year. They take up a lot of space for what they produce but I do like courgettes.

I spent the weekend just gone, digging up the courgettes and tomatoes and preparing the bed for next year.  Need to head to the horse field next door to get some manure too.

I also tried to collect as many apples as I could from the tree that fell done.  We hope to right her again, but need to work out how to do it.

I’ll leave you with a pic of the 7year old and 4year old saving a worm from the chickens.  Although I requested it.  They would have happily dangled it over their beaks.